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The success of our students motivates our staff as we ourselves constantly strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence. We are just an additional tool that helps each and every individual student unlock their potential.


What Our Students Have To Say


Here is what some of our students have to say about their Learning Zone experience:


"My experience with Adib has been nothing short of excellent. I started working with him nearly two years ago after my first round of grades in college biology proved less than stellar. He worked with me to raise my grade and secure my first ever A in a hard science. I continued on with him into BIO 102. Throughout he was friendly, professional, committed, and flexible with my tough schedule. He is currently shepherding me through college French, and it's safe to say I'd be lost without him. I can't recommend him strongly enough. "

-  Ian Brinksman, Washington D.C. (student)         


"Great tutoring service and they understand that im a student and because of that they worked with me to find the time that fits my busy schedule."

- Fadi Shadid, Maryland (student)   


"I had the pleasure of having Adib as my tutor for eight months. To say he was a great tutor is an understatement. Being a Biology major, Chemistry was a core subject that needed to be understood and passed, since I would be seeing it during the rest of my years in college.
Having a tutor who was personable, patient, engaging, and fully knowledgeable on a subject, is something I feel is hard to ...come by these days. I went from being behind in five chapters and failing my first test, to getting a B out of the class for the overall semester. He took the time to make sure i fully understood every topic and each challenging subject matter. If I seemed even a tad bit hesitant or unsure about my answer on the topic we were discussing, he never failed to break it down further simpler terms, or give examples that put the confusing topic into context. He was not just supportive and helpful during the session, but took the time out of his already busy schedule to check-in or make sure that outside of the session, I was understanding what we learned in class that day. Without his tremendous help, I don't believe I would be able to have such confidence in my studies, nor in myself, as I do now."
- Breon Gaines, Washington D.C. (student)